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Summer Snoozing and Musing

Forecast for 15th - 21st July 2007

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Similar to a couple of weeks ago (forecast for 17th - 23rd June), this is an amazingly quiet week on the starry front. It's almost as if the planets have decided to indulge in some summer snoozing (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), or hibernation (for those of you south of the equator).

Apart from an inconjunct aspect, from the Sun to Pluto, on Thursday, 19th July, and a Mars/Uranus sextile aspect on Friday 20th July, the only activity involves the Moon, wending her way through Leo, Virgo and Libra, touching every planet by the end of the week.

The Moon is the fastest moving celestial body that astrologers consider ('consider' literally means 'with the stars'), travelling through each zodiac sign approximately every 27-28 days. Having seen the New Moon in Cancer on Saturday, 14th July, the Moon is now in a waxing phase for the next couple of weeks, reaching the next Full Moon on 30th July.

The waxing phase is one of growth. Use this time to nurture and encourage any 'seeds', metaphorical or otherwise, that you planted at the time of the New Moon, even if it's just an embryonic idea in your head. Some things may feel as if they are on hold at the moment, as four planets, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (these last three are the slowest moving planets) are in retrograde motion at the moment, but persevering will reap dividends in the future.

When a planet is retrograde (i.e. appearing to be moving backwards), it can symbolize a slowing down, especially on the external level, of both activity, and the feeling of making progress. Sometimes the activity as such is happening on an internal level, heralding major developments when the planet goes direct again.

In our society it can be difficult to give ourselves credit for these internal growth spurts when nothing appears to be happening immediately in the outer world, yet without these times of musing and working through challenges on an inner level, the external growth may be found to be wanting, to be almost rootless and ungrounded, if the propagation time was rushed, or been nurtured thoroughly. 'Don't push the envelope' I'm hearing a lot at the moment.

The Sun/Pluto inconjunct aspect can throw up glitches in the form of power and control issues. Either you feel you haven't enough, or you may be using it in an inappropriate manner. Inner power is the goal with this one, and making adjustments so you feel as centred as possible in your self, ready to deflect any negative arrows that may be winging your way. Visualize them bouncing off you if you find someone unnecessarily trying to demean you, and see them return to the sender in boomerang mode. Try to avoid sending any yourself, or you may find the same result!

Until Tuesday, 17th July (10.39 BST) the Moon is in Leo, imbuing the emotional airwaves with a generally warm , creative vibe. On Sunday, the Moon/Jupiter trine adds a jovial, light-hearted feel to the day, and a desire to do something expansive. I wrote 'generally warm', as the Moon/Mars square, Moon/Saturn conjunction and opposition to Neptune, on Monday 16th July probably signify a day of jagged, ragged energy. It isn't an easy day, and challenges could come with having to face a difficult situation, and overcome problems of an emotional nature. It will pass.

Virgo takes the place of Leo on Tuesday, 17th, placating any fiery bolshie-ness, calming everything down with common-sense, and a willingness to be of service, to try and improve anything that's troubling. Something, or someone may need healing, and the Moon/Venus conjunction in Virgo is just the aspect to soothe away any angst, or physical stress. Spa treatments, a delicious and healthy meal, a healing session, or just a social get together with some-one you really like, are all well-starred today.

On Thursday 19th July there's the aforementioned Sun/Pluto aspect, and the Moon slides into the air sign Libra at 20.53 BST. Companionship and enjoyment of anything social are enjoyed over the next few days, although look out for someone being inclined to gossip and embellish the truth on Friday, 20th July, when the Moon squares Mercury.

Mars sextiles Uranus on Friday 20th also. This is a gentle aspect of inventiveness, and sometimes a frisson of the exciting or the unusual on a sexual level. It may pass by without you noticing it but it may be bring an unexpected nice surprise.

On Saturday, the Moon/Neptune trine infuses the day with many possibilities. Psychic antenna are working well today, so follow any intuitive hunches, especially in connection with your goals.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 15th July
Moon enters Leo – 3.43
Moon trine Jupiter – 22.53

Monday, 16th July
Moon square Mars – 7.06
Moon opposite Neptune – 18.29
Moon conjunct Saturn – 23.32

Tuesday, 17th July
Moon trine Pluto – 4.55
Moon enters Virgo – 10.39
Moon conjunct Venus – 12.40

Wednesday, 18th July
Moon trine Mars – 19.06
Moon opposite Uranus – 22.06

Thursday, 19th July
Moon sextile Sun – 13.57
Moon square Pluto – 14.44
Moon enters Libra – 20.53
Sun inconjunct Pluto – 23.47

Friday, 20th July
Moon square Mercury – 11.12
Mars sextile Uranus – 23.13

Saturday, 21st July
Moon trine Neptune – 15.34

N.B. All times are British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

These are the dates when Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto go direct:-
Jupiter – August 7th 2007
Pluto – September 7th 2007
Neptune – October 31st 2007
Uranus - November 24th 2007

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