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Forecast for 22nd - 28th July 2007

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There are three astrological significators to note this week. The Sun enters Leo on Monday, 23rd July, at 6.00am BST. Mars in Taurus squares Neptune in Aquarius on Wednesday, 25th July (0.10 BST), and Venus turns retrograde on Friday, 27th July (18.28).

The Sun is 'at home' in Leo, it's traditionally the ruler of this fixed, fire sign. The Sun, in anyone's chart, symbolizes a point where you want to shine; the sign it is in, and the area of the chart (known as a 'house') it occupies signifies how and where you can shine your light using the most power, inner and outer. The Sun is associated with self-expression and identity, vitality, purpose and will, all infused with a generous dose of warmth and light.

Often we read about 'life's journey', which is one of becoming ourselves, and fulfilling our potential. The Sun is a creative light, which is at its best guided by an inner purpose rather than a desire to chase external success. Both can be useful, for without the latter it may be tempting to stay in bed, and allow life to pass by. If the former is absent though, success may feel hollow once achieved.

Leo is symbolized by the lion and lioness, king and queen of the beasts. The Leo journey is that of the hero, or heroine; it is one of courage, confidence, creativity and fun. The fixity of the sign imbues it with stamina to persevere in the face of difficulties, the element fire gives it warmth and generosity. The heart is the part of the body associated with this sign; to have an open heart is to be in the position to share and receive life's blessings.

As the transiting Sun travels through this sign over the next few weeks, take some time to revitalise, play creatively, laugh a lot, and be courageous in facing any challenges. As you touch the spirit of the Sun, wherever your birthday happens to fall, you put yourself on the path to centredness, health and wholeness.

Keep in mind the need to feed your own spirit as Mars squares Neptune on Wednesday 25th July. These two do not make easy bedfellows. Mars is all action, and Neptune wants to dream. Energy may seem to leak and flow away without making much effective headway, especially if you're trying to fulfill ego needs in the material world.

The ways to productively use the energy are to either engage in something creative or compassionate, artistic, musical or healing, where the ego can take a back seat, and allow the flow of the higher self to take over, or to make a decision to step back from any pressing obligations temporarily, using the time to reconsider the course you are on.

Venus appears to start moving backwards on Friday, 27th July, not returning to forward motion until 8th September. Venus retrogrades approximately every 18 months. This is generally not a good time to begin a love affair with some-one new, although you may find yourself gravitating towards someone from the past, and rekindling any glowing spark.

It can be a time to reassess a relationship; also financial matters and things you value generally. Creative matters can be very positive throughout this time, with brilliant books written, musical scores completed, masterpieces painted.

Enjoy the sun, and if doesn't shine, light a fire!

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 22nd July
Moon square Sun – 7.29
Moon enters Scorpio – 9.18

Monday, 23rd July
Moon trine Mercury – 5.32
Sun enters Leo – 6.00
Moon trine Uranus – 22.17

Tuesday, 24th July
Moon opposite Mars – 2.43
Moon square Neptune – 3.58
Moon square Saturn – 11.30
Moon enters Sagittarius – 21.29

Wednesday, 25th July
Mars square Neptune – 0.10
Moon trine Sun – 0.51
Moon square Venus – 3.03
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 17.25

Thursday, 26th July
Moon square Uranus – 9.06
Moon trine Saturn – 22.25

Friday, 27th July
Moon conjunct Pluto – 1.13
Moon enters Capricorn – 7.21
Moon trine Venus – 12.54
Venus turns retrograde – 18.28

Saturday, 28th July
Moon opposite Mercury – 15.27

N.B. All times shown are British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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