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Moving Forwards!

Forecast for 1st - 8th September 2007

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It's great to be back, and I wish you all positive steps forward as we move forwards into the autumnal season of glorious fiery colours, fruitful harvests and magical misty mornings.

A fertile, grounded, sensual feel permeates the weekend, as the Sun and Moon are in the earth element, the Sun in Virgo, the Moon in Taurus. There's a harmonious trine between them on Saturday evening (21.28 BST), so it's a good time for almost anything. Walking along damp, sweet-smelling peaty paths, and bonfires spring to mind, followed by some comfort food and a drink or two.

Saturn moves into Virgo on Sunday, 2nd September, where it will be for around two years, having spent the last couple in Leo. Dramas of the past can now be resolved, and a practical, intelligent, calm attitude can solve dilemmas of the moment, particularly those involving personal boundaries, workloads, and last but not least, health and healing.

Feelings of contentment and being a success come now not from the applause and adulation of others, but from knowing a job/project/helpful action was well done, with integrity. Small is more now, it's time to define the details, rather than be showy and flash.

Mercury, Virgo and Gemini's ruler, and planet of communication, pictured in my mind as a youthful wing-footed messenger on a skate-board (although I know they didn't have these in Roman times), squares Pluto on Monday, 3rd September. There may be a scenario where you have to stand your ground against someone mentally, as old resentments surface so they can finally be seen in the clear light of day, and then swept away. This also a good day for having a clear-out of paper clutter, old letters, bills, junk mail, and even books you're unlikely to read again. Recycle and regenerate.

Relationships flourish on Tuesday, 4th September, as Venus sextiles Mars, giving an opportunity for some exciting exchanges with others that you love. Venus has had a bit of a 'rum do' (a Yorkshire expression my maternal forbears used to utter from time to time) this summer, going retrograde on 27th July, and putting a bit of a dampener (I wondered if the weather was influenced by this one) on love and fun, but the good news is she goes direct on Saturday 8th September, and there'll be opportunities for a bit of sparkle with the opposite sex (or your own if you prefer) until 16th October, when there's another sextile between these two. When Venus and Mars are in looking fondly at each other, as they are now, there's an underlying sense of harmony between them, both seeing the attractive attributes of their differences, female and male, yin and yang, rather than the dissonant ones. It's also a good time for creative pursuits too, so if you've been feeling creatively stagnant over the summer, now is the time to use this energy to flow again.

The Sun squares Jupiter too on Tuesday, encouraging excess and over-doing, so enjoy the day but recognize there may be a limit when you've had enough.

On Wednesday, 5th September, Mercury, having cleared a few things up with the Pluto aspect on Monday, now leaves its own sign for the airy, balanced climes of Libra. This is the sign of the diplomat, so communication can be fair, with opportunities for all parties involved to see all sides of an argument. It's the sign associated with the law and justice. Important judgments may be made while Mercury is traversing this sign. Co-operation and a willingness to meet others half-way brings peace and goodwill.

Pluto, planet of transformation turns direct on Friday, 7th September, bringing an end to certain chapters in life for some, but also, in true Plutonian fashion, releasing powerful, transforming energy for the new to emerge, enabling changes which have been held-up since it went retrograde on 31st March 2007 to now manifest. Because Pluto naturally works in the realms of the subconscious mind, these changes are likely to be linked first and foremost to inner psychological changes, which, once made, ripple out into positive outcomes in the outer world.

Saturday, 8th September is looking good, with a joyful, fun Leo Moon trining Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the aforementioned Venus, planet of love, affection and the enjoyable things in life, picking up her skirts and moving forwards, ready to dance again.

Enjoy the week!

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Saturday, 1st September
Moon trine Saturn – 6.19
Moon enters Taurus – 6.35
Moon trine Sun – 21.28

Sunday, 2nd September
Moon square Venus – 11.19
Saturn enters Virgo – 14.49
Moon square Neptune – 15.53

Monday, 3rd September
Moon trine Mercury – 1.47
Mercury square Pluto – 6.04
Moon enters Gemini – 8.30
Moon square Saturn – 8.39
Mars square Uranus – 21.09

Tuesday, 4th September
Venus sextile Mars – 0.36
Sun square Jupiter – 1.04
Moon opposite Jupiter – 3.23
Moon square Sun – 3.32
Moon square Uranus – 13.22
Moon conjunct Mars – 14.06
Moon trine Neptune – 18.47

Wednesday, 5th September
Moon opposite Pluto – 5.39
Moon square Mercury – 12.01
Moon enters Cancer – 12.08
Mercury enters Libra – 13.02

Thursday, 6th September
Moon sextile Sun – 12.03
Moon trine Uranus – 18.04

Friday, 7th September
Pluto goes direct – 15.54
Moon enters Leo – 17.59

Saturday, 8th September
Moon trine Jupiter – 15.16
Venus goes direct – 17.14

NB All times shown are for British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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