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New Moon in Virgo - Stand up for Yourself

Forecast for 9th - 15th September 2007

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On Sunday morning, 9th September, a beautiful link between the Leo Moon and Venus imbues the airwaves with a warm feeling of love and connectedness. Mars, planet of assertion and desire, makes a harmonious link to Neptune, planet of mystery and the imagination, suggesting a time when dreams can become reality. This trine softens the sometimes aggressive nature of Mars, and brings out the compassionate, helpful nature of people. It's a day to connect spiritually, sensing the link between us all.

Often with astrology there are different 'strands' of energy, each telling a different story at roughly the same time. Sunday is no exception. Alongside the Mars/Neptune trine, later in the day (19.46 BST), the Sun opposes Uranus. Surprise, unpredictability, rebellion, revelation, a sudden change, a shift of consciousness, all come under the umbrella of a Sun/Uranus connection.

Whereas Mars/Neptune tends towards thinking of others, Sun/Uranus is more ego-based, wanting, or needing to make changes in the way of self-expression. Being able to be who one is, without fear or restriction, is paramount, and anyone with a birthday around this time, or in the coming week, will probably be feeling they will make any changes necessary in order to be even more of who they are. Sun/Uranus is an 'edgy', erratic energy. There may be moments of genius, flashes of intuitive inspiration. One thing that is almost certain with this unpredictable combination is that, if you are a birthday boy or girl around now, life won't be dull in the next year, and there's the potential around for wonderful surprises.

There's a different feel to Monday, 10th September, as the Moon enters Virgo, and conjuncts Saturn. After the possible dreamy other-worldliness, and fiery warmth of yesterday, today is about being grounded, looking at life practically and realistically, and working out just how you intend to make the changes you'd like. Maybe a plan of action, or some lists of what you want/don/t want in your life are good starting points.

The practical mode continues with the New Moon on Tuesday, 11th September, although I have to say, this isn't a simple new moon, as it's also an eclipse, opposed by Uranus, and squared by Mars. (There was a Mars/Uranus square on 3rd September, symbolic of restlessness, rebellion and generally edgy energy.)

Some of you may find yourselves having to contend with circumstances you hadn't expected. I make no judgments as to whether these might be positive or negative; just be aware the energy around with Mars and Uranus isn't that stable, and be prepared to adapt.
The square from Mars could signify there's a generally tense air around, with someone in particular being argumentative, combative and controlling. My advice would be to walk away from any arrows of anger or negativity that you feel are winging their way towards you, rather than engaging in a fight. At the same time, if this is possible, I would take a firm stand against anything that didn't feel right, but in as non-aggressive way as possible. I'd take the stance of a willow tree, being strong and flexible, bending with the wind, and not allowing to be snapped. Listening, rather getting swallowed up in the drama, works best now.

There is an abundance of energy around this eclipse, it can be used positively to begin, in good new moon fashion, learning something different, making life work with more ease and efficiency, looking after yourself health-wise and heart-wise. There may be opposition, or criticism from others, but this may strengthen your resolve in whatever you want to do. Stand up for yourself, and go for it!

The Moon leaves Virgo for the sociable, companionable vibe of Libra, on Wednesday, 12th September, and is in this sign until Saturday morning.

Thursday, 13th is a day of harmony, lightness and bright ideas. Mercury, planet of communication, sextiles Jupiter, promoting expansive communication. It's good to share ideas with others today, and/or to have a short trip. The Libra Moon joins hands with Mercury, Jupiter and Venus today, making this a day when the heart and mind are all singing from the same song-sheet. Good vibes abound!

The Moon then makes a fleeting Grand Trine in Air on Friday, 14th September. The Moon is in Libra, Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius. The harmonious energy that flows between them enables the positive vibes of the Mars/Neptune trine from the beginning of the week to activate again. There is a feeling around of wanting progress, but not at the expense of anyone else. Projects that help others are well-starred today.

There's more of an emotional feel to Saturday, 15th September, as the Moon moves into the sensitive water sign of Scorpio, and sextiles Saturn. It's a good time to get together with true friends, sharing some warm moments together.

It's a complex week astrologically. The meaning of an eclipse sometimes takes time to unfold. It's good to take a step back, slip into that intuitive state of mind where the ego is no longer being demanding, feel the atmosphere, and send some love to yourself. Know that you are ready for the next step, even if part of you doesn't feel that way.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 9th September
Moon conjunct Venus – 0.47
Mars trine Neptune – 5.05
Moon opposite Neptune – 7.05
Moon sextile Mars – 7.10
Moon trine Pluto – 19.07
Sun opposite Uranus – 19.46

Monday, 10th September
Moon enters Virgo – 2.10
Moon conjunct Saturn – 3.58

Tuesday, 11th September
Moon opposite Uranus – 10.18
Sun conjunct Moon (New Moon) in Virgo – 13.44 – 18 degrees 25 minutes
Moon square Mars – 19.31

Wednesday, 12th September
Moon square Pluto – 5.14
Moon enters Libra – 12.31

Thursday, 13th September
Mercury sextile Jupiter – 11.43
Moon sextile Jupiter – 12.24
Moon conjunct Mercury – 12.29
Moon sextile Venus – 22.38

Friday, 14th September
Moon trine Neptune – 4.06
Moon trine Mars – 10.00

Saturday, 15th September
Moon enters Scorpio – 0.37
Moon sextile Saturn – 3.46

N.B. All times shown are for BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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