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Forecast for16th - 22nd September 2007

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The overall tone this week is tense but mutable. See any challenges from others as an opportunity for a positive change, involving either your attitude, your circumstances, or both. This isn't a time to hang on to people or situations, hoping they'll improve, because the chances are they won't.
The astrological signs for this are the Sun square Mars on Monday, 17th September, the Sun square Pluto on Wednesday, 19th September, and Mars opposite Pluto, on Friday, 21st September. Basically, these three are in tense aspect to each other, forming a T-square, all seeking some kind of power or recognition. You may find authority figures seem more noticeable than usual, or people seem to be more edgy and aggressive, want control, or try to put obstacles in your way.

Visualize putting on a protective cloak (choose a colour you really like) every time you leave the house, or if you have to make a difficult phone call, etc. and try not to engage with anyone who seems negative or angry.

The good news is that all the planets involved are in mutable signs, which means they are more open to flexibility and change. Although the picture looks potentially jagged, the energy can be used for transforming anything that hasn't served your best interests so far. If you use it to let go of that which has served its purpose, and to unbind yourself from any relationships that are damaging, with a courageous heart you can move into a much better phase now.

The Moon in Sagittarius links into the Mars/Pluto opposition on Wednesday, 19th September, suggesting this may be the day when things come to a head about some matter. However, the trine from Mercury to Neptune, coupled with the Moon/Venus trine on the same day, shows the silver lining on the cloud will be clearly visible, if you just remember to look up, and notice it.

On Friday, 21st September, Venus opposes Neptune for the third time in as many months (due to being retrograde in August, and early September). Something may come to light about a relationship, including a friendship, that you've been wondering about for some time. It's time to remove the rose-coloured spectacles and see someone as they really are. Don't make excuses for someone's hurtful behaviour. It's good to be compassionate, but not at the expense of your own self-worth.

Thankfully, harmonious aspects throughout the week from Mercury, which is currently passing through Libra, the sign of justice and compromise, will help to ease the tensions of the above. The key here seems to be that good communication can solve anything, and if it's linked to the heart, any differences can be worked through so that harmony is restored, and changes are best for all parties.

Monday's sextile from Mercury to Venus encourages light-hearted banter and exchanges, which may seem at odds with the bombastic nature of the Sun/Mars/Pluto combination. A smile and a joke (if possible) can lighten any heavy situation, and help to dissolve any tension.

Saturday is the last day the Sun is in Virgo this time around, and heralds the end of a chapter of some kind. Embrace the new, knowing you are very protected, and feel a new wave of love breezing into your heart.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 16th September
Moon trine Uranus – 9.56
Moon square Venus – 12.31
Moon square Neptune – 16.41

Monday, 17th September
Moon sextile Sun – 0.40
Moon enters Sagittarius – 13.21
Moon square Saturn – 17.07
Sun Square Mars – 21.49
Mercury sextile Venus – 22.28

Tuesday, 18th September
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 14.34
Moon square Uranus – 22.04

Wednesday, 19th September
Moon trine Venus – 2.26
Mercury trine Neptune – 3.00
Moon opposite Mars – 16.03
Sun square Pluto – 16.59
Moon conjunct Pluto – 17.44
Moon square Sun – 17.48

Thursday, 20th September
Moon enters Capricorn – 0.52
Moon trine Saturn – 5.04

Friday, 21st September
Mars opposite Pluto – 9.40
Moon square Mercury – 20.53
Venus opposite Neptune – 21.03

Saturday, 22nd September
Moon trine Sun – 7.15
Moon enters Aquarius – 9.18

N.B. All times shown are for BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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