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The Power of Love

Forecast for 30th September - 6th October 2007

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There's a sense of taking a breath this week, and releasing it calmly and slowly, as the energies around gently gather together for the next series of changes, which spark off on the New Moon on the 11th October.

Like the feeling of mellow quietness that's in the air on a wind-less autumnal day, enjoy the peacefulness around, taking time to notice what's happening within and around you. It's at times of tranquillity that progress can be made on the inner levels, nurturing yourself so you then have the energy to interact and help others.

Mercury, having now moved into Scorpio (on 27th September), sextiles Saturn on Monday, 1st October. Ideas can be thought out practically now, common-sense is in abundance, and it's easy to talk about the best way forward. There's a balance between idealism and realism; the approach is neither over-optimistic nor over-pessimistic. So if there's a difficult task or project that you've been procrastinating about, or a troublesome emotional matter, now is a great time to make a plan, looking at the situation from a realistic point of view, and then take steps to put the plan into action.

The Gemini Moon is in harmony with the Sun in Libra on Monday, 2nd too, adding a cool, rational and airy feel to the day, helping to spark off ideas and creative solutions.

Tuesday, 2nd October is a highly sensitive, possibly intense day. 'Crabby' is the word that springs to mind, especially after the Moon has moved into the sign associated with this crustacean (17.57 BST). If you feel wound up, remember the mood will pass. If you can, notice exactly what it is that's making you feel on edge, and see if there's anything you can do about it. Be aware of your own uncomfortableness rather than trying to blame it on someone else, and give yourself an extra dose of tlc. Do something that nurtures and feeds you emotionally, and you'll lighten the mood.

The aspect that shines brightest this week is a transforming trine involving Venus in Leo, and Pluto in Sagittarius, on Wednesday, 3rd October. Put simply, but not insignificantly, this aspect symbolizes the transforming power of love.
Unconditional love can change difficult relationships into something beautiful. The energy involved here can shift emotions into being more positive, possibly about a relationship, possibly about love in general, as long as manipulation and hidden agendas aren't involved.

Pluto has the tendency to bring hidden things to the surface, so something may be revealed which wasn't known about before. Hopefully, more understanding will come from this.

After the recent Venus/Neptune opposition (21st September), when feelings and relationships could have seemed unclear, nebulous and fuzzy, Pluto clarifies, and sweeps away anything without honesty or integrity.

This is a time to speak your truth, and say what you want, and what you expect. You can define boundaries now, whereas this could have seemed difficult before. The guideline is to listen to your heart, do what feels right in your body, and to not take on board others' views if you aren't comfortable with them.

Venus/Pluto enables you to move forward emotionally and spiritually.

The atmosphere shifts again when the Moon leaves nurturing, sensitive Cancer for the fiery domain of Leo, late on Thursday, 4th. It's time to get dressed up and have fun, especially on Friday night, when the Libra Sun dances merrily with the Leo Moon. Charm, beauty, colour and a little drama are keynotes here. Unleash your creative, joyful spirit, and enjoy the dance!

Some of the astrological connections this week:-

Sunday, 30th September
Moon enters Gemini- 15.34

Monday, 1st October
Moon trine Sun – 4.01
Mercury sextile Saturn – 7.16

Tuesday, 2nd October
Moon opposite Pluto – 11.52
Moon enters Cancer – 17.57
Moon conjunct Mars – 20.55

Wednesday, 3rd October
Venus trine Pluto – 14.16

Thursday, 4th October
Moon enters Leo – 23.27

Friday, 5th October
Moon sextile Sun – 22.13

Saturday, 6th October
Moon opposite Neptune – 11.47

N.B. All times shown are for BST (British Summer Time) which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Copyright:- Sue Walker. September 2007.

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