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New Moon in Libra - Pure Balance

Forecast for 7th - 13th October 2007

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On Sunday, 7th October, just before the autumnal Libra Sun rises, and the Moon moves into Virgo, there's a conjunction between the Moon and Venus, in Leo. It's a beautiful way to begin the week, symbolizing warm love and affection, and inspiring creativity. The Moon then slides into Virgo and heads towards Saturn, shifting the mood from the pleasurable to the practical.

Venus enters Virgo on Monday, 8th October, where she'll be until 8th November. She had a brief interlude in Virgo from mid-July until early August. Then Venus turned retrograde and resumed residence in regal Leo, and it's only now that the planet of love, attraction and pleasure is back in Virgo. This mutable earth sign is gentle and one connected to the earth, health and healing. The natural world provides a constant source of inspiration and enjoyment for Venus in Virgo.

It is a sign that veers towards the meticulous and the perfectionist. Emotions are expressed cautiously and modestly, and usually with the worry that they won't be reciprocated. Virgo often shows love by being helpful and nurturing in a practical sense, maybe by giving a massage, or playing soothing music. However, alongside the modesty is a sensuality that once uncovered can be a source of much delight.

Fashion, and a design sense generally, is often connected to Venus in Virgo, as they usually have a great and unique sense of style, are practical, and will pay great attention to detail. They'll be the ones finding vintage finds in charity shops, or making something amazing from a few scraps of material.

The week is imbued with a feeling for expansion and a need to explore the spiritual side of life. I could say spirited side of life too, as the Sun sextiles Jupiter, and Jupiter squares Uranus, on Tuesday, 9th, both reaching towards new horizons with optimistic expectations. The Jupiter/Uranus square could signify a need to breakaway from a situation, or belief that has been felt as an unwanted tie. Sudden changes of attitude, or a shift of perspective could lead to entering pastures new.

Mars sextiles Saturn on this Tuesday too, adding a steadying, stabilizing influence which will calm down any Jupiterian tendencies to reach too far, too soon. Balance is the key.

Equanimity permeates the New Moon on Thursday, 11th October (6.01 BST). The Sun and Moon join together in the sign of partnership, balance, and fairness, and the trine to Neptune colours and blesses the New Moon with a wonderful imprint from the spiritual world. The harmonious sextile from Jupiter infuses the Sun/Moon/Neptune trio with a benevolent, philosophical, humorous and expansive sparkle. In my mind, this has to be the most positive new moon we've had so far this year. This is a time to sow seeds for new partnerships, and congenial companionships, which will turn out to be balanced on many levels.

Aside from others, it's also a time to look at how balanced you feel within yourself. How are your energy levels? Do you give enough time to look after your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs? If not, how could you begin to nurture yourself more?

Guidance from the spiritual world is around in abundance, so please ask them for help when you need to. They are always really happy to help. Assistance is also to hand in the mundane, material world. Again, often it's just a case of having the courage to reach out and ask. This isn't a time to cut yourself off from others, but to reach out and move together, yet leaving enough space for individual growth too.

Mercury, planet of communication, and currently in Scorpio, turns retrograde on Friday, 12th October. Some people become anxious when this happens as it sometimes portends challenges, U-turns and un-straightforwardness when it comes to communications. However, personally I like the change of pace, and enjoy the retrograde tendency to meander and wander through journeys of a physical and the mental nature, enjoying glimpses of ideas and back alleys along the way that might have been missed if Mercury had been speeding forwards in a direct fashion.

It can be a great time for meditative and pensive pursuits, especially on Saturday, 13th October when the Scorpio Moon meets Mercury, and the Sun trines Neptune, adding an idealistic, imaginative vibe to the mental landscape.

This is a feel-good week, with potential to make fantastic new beginnings in your social, spiritual and work life. Feel the supportive energies around, and enjoy!

Some of the astrological connections this week:-

Sunday, 7th October
Moon conjunct Venus – 6.28
Moon enters Virgo – 8.03
Moon conjunct Saturn – 16.07

Monday, 8th October
Venus enters Virgo – 7.53
Moon opposite Uranus – 14.30

Tuesday, 9th October
Mars sextile Saturn – 4.44
Sun sextile Jupiter – 5.04
Moon enters Libra – 18.58
Jupiter square Uranus – 19.23

Wednesday, 10th October
Moon square Mars – 4.21

Thursday, 11th October
New Moon in Libra – 6.01 – 17 degrees 30 minutes
Moon trine Neptune – 9.45

Friday, 12th October
Mercury turns retrograde – 4.59
Moon enters Scorpio – 7.13

Saturday, 13th October
Moon conjunct Mercury – 1.31
Sun trine Neptune – 2.40

N.B. All times shown are for BST (British Summer Time) which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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