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The Virgo Garden

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Virgos are the healers, helpers, and perfectionists of the zodiac, with an eye for detail and skilled craftsmanship.

I know several Virgos who don't live up to their 'tidy' image, so some gardens may have clipped edged flower-beds and not a weed in sight; others may have just a 'natural'look, with an overall feel of harmony with nature, with leanings towards plants that are used for healing, either through their physical properties, or just by the effect their beauty has on the beholder.

Whatever the style, Virgo has probably made a conscious, well-considered decision on how he or she would like the garden to look. Usually modest and self-effacing, their gardens are often places of peace and tranquillity, although there may be times when something useful is being created, such as a wooden bench, or created to add that something extra.

With a liking for blending practicality with beauty, (think of the Arts and Crafts movement), the plants that immediately come to mind are herbs, usually a Virgo favourite, particularly lavender. They combine many uses with looking delightful, and may be grown in wonderful pots, or in specially designed, artfully patterned, often box-edged beds.

Fruit and vegetables are often grown for the same reasons. The Vine is the plant associated with Virgo in Celtic astrology.

Any plant with small flowers would appeal to the Virgoan temperament, looking pretty but not wishing to be too ostentatious (that's Leo territory).

Virgos prefer quality to quantity; fences, gates, sheds, summerhouses, furniture and hard landscaping will all be of top quality, and if money is no object, skilled people will be asked to design that special something that is unusual, and has great detail.

Mercury, the winged-footed messenger of the gods, rules the sign of Virgo, so a sculpture of him could be a great focal point. Mercury is associated with thought, communication and dexterity, and all three are likely to come into play in designing and building a Virgo garden.

As Virgo's perfectionist tendencies can prey on their nerves (and digestive systems), a place where they can unwind and just be is a real tonic.

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