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The Libra Garden

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Beauty, harmony and balance are keywords for the Libra Garden. Nothing jars the eye; the garden is created to be a beautiful place to be in, as well as being a space that brings pleasure of all kinds.

Venus is the planet linked to Libra (and Taurus); this is the planet of love and fertility, one that seeks harmony and delight for the senses. Librans are often artistically gifted, so expect a palette of wonderful colours in the flowerbeds, and sensual sculptures as focal points.

The overall effect will be one that is exceptionally easy on the eye, either by being one of symmetry, or with disparate parts so beautifully harmonised that it 'works' as 'one'. The key is that it feels balanced.

Libra is concerned with relating and relationships; its symbol is the scales. Things occurring in two's will appeal, pairs of stone (or real) doves, for example, or seats. Plants though tend to look better planted in threes, fives or sevens.

To achieve balance, you could look at the feng shui style of gardening, according to Taoist principles, or just trust your instincts on what looks and feels right for you.

Roses are the flower I'd associate with Libra, symbolizing unconditional love. Soft colours and a subtle blending of plants evoke a feeling of peace and harmony. Trees associated with Venus are fruit trees such as apple, almond, cherry and peach, and also the vine, walnut and olive.

Peace gardens and pleasure gardens would both come under the auspices of Libra. Overall it will delight all the senses, and uplift the spirit.

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