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The Sagittarius Garden

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Sagittarius is a mutable, fire sign, symbolized by the centaur, half-man, half-horse, and is ruled
by the planet Jupiter, the planet of exploration and expansion.

Broad-minded, with an interest in other cultures, the Sagittarian type would like a garden with plants and artefacts from other parts of the world. Theirs is a global view rather than a parochial one.

Philosophy and religion are two of the areas that come under the Sagittarian umbrella, so sculptures such as a Buddha, angel, or mythological figure could be chosen to reflect a philosophy, or take on life.

The glass is half-full rather than half-empty for the Sagittarian, and usually a sense of fun is quite prominent, so anything humorous that would raise a smile would fit in here too.

Ideally, there would be space in abundance with room to explore, but even in small gardens a feeling of spaciousness can be enhanced, mirrors being one example of doubling the space.

This sign likes to feel like they are continually learning something new, and are on a never-ending voyage of discovery, so a garden that actually symbolizes a journey would be an interesting concept to build and put in place.

A natural leading of the eye from one point of focus to the next, maybe by dividing the garden into different rooms with openings, tallies with the Sagittarian's need to see new horizons, and to feel a sense of space.

Low maintenance gardens, and those with a wild, natural look may appeal, as this sign is not generally worried about details, or the odd weed or two.

There are very sporty Sagittarians (make a football/cricket/rugby pitch and leave them to it), and very bookish, meditative ones. The latter would love a secluded, comfortable corner, with somewhere to sit, read, chill out, and relax. Here the meaning of life can be contemplated amongst wonderful scents and sights that delight.

This is a fire sign, so a fire-pit, or place for a bonfire would provide a place to infuse the garden with some warmth and colour. Clever lighting can also add the feel of this element.

The oak tree is associated with Jupiter, but is too big for most gardens, unless you happen to own a few acres. I am blessed with being surrounded by them in the fields around me, and think they are the most magnificent, wonderful trees. They also provide a home to many different kinds of wildlife.

On the plant front, 'Sagittaria sagittifolia' 'Flore Pleno' has wonderful arrow-shaped leaves, and is suitable for a bog garden, or damp patch. Wild flowers, and exotic ones that make a splash, like cannas and fiery red dahlias like 'Bishop of Llandaff' would suit the Sagittarian liking for the beautiful and bold. Anything goes, as long as it isn't too formal and regimented.

A Sagittarian garden is there for enjoyment, inspiration, contemplation, and to feel that warm connection with the natural world, helping wildlife to flourish.

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