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The Aries Garden

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The Aries Garden

Aries (20th March - 20th April in 2019) is a cardinal fire sign, associated with Mars, planet of action, energy and adventure. Cardinal signs are really good at initiating projects; fire signs are warm and enthusiastic.

My first feelings about the Aries garden is that it would be an evolving work in progress, as new ideas would bubble up that may change the original plan. Also, Aries tend to get bored quickly, so it may be a good idea to have several areas developing at the same time, so they can move to another part when they need a change.

Please bear in mind that everyone has planets in other signs in their birth-chart, which may tone down, or emphasize the qualities of the sign I'm writing about. There are many kinds of Aries - I'm giving you the 'pure' version.

As Aries like to move from A to B as quickly as possible, straight paths will be enjoyed, although slightly curvy ones would be recommended in feng shui, to slow down the chi (energy) from moving too fast.

Aries like to make their mark, so their garden may make a statement of some kind. They may be adventurous in their choice of plants, favouring reds, scarlet and carmine, and enjoy spiky leaves, such as those on the phormium. Cannas would be good for drama, form and colour.

Lupins, nicotiana, are linked with Mars by Culpeper, a seventeenth century herbalist; also, the allium family - onions, chives, leeks.

Hawthorn, berberis, and butcher's broom, because of the spikes, are also attributed by Culpeper to Mars; these are good hedging plants for Aries, and keep intruders at bay.

A place for fire would fulfil the Aries love of dancing flames, so think about making a fire-pit, or just space for a barbecue or bonfire.

Those sporty Aries, who love action, may be totally disinterested in having a garden, and just want a football pitch!

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