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The Taurus Garden

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The Taurus Garden

Taurus belongs to the Earth element, and as you would expect, those with this sign prominent in their chart, (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven), usually have an affinity with nature; the fixed nature of Taurus imbues them with almost infinite patience. There is a desire to make those things close to their heart grow, whether they are plants, projects, or relationships.

A Taurus garden evokes a sense of beauty and productivity. Venus is the planet associated with Taurus; this is the planet of love, warmth, affection, and values. Revelling in all the senses, Taureans will love a garden, which smells, looks, feels, sounds and tastes good.

Soft hues and curvy forms, harmonious colour combinations, and somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy the result of your efforts, will appeal to most Taureans. Please bear in mind that if your Sun is in Taurus, but you have several planets in Aries, you may like something with more 'edge', and sharpness.

There's often an interest in art; sculpture can provide a focal point, as well as adding a sense of permanence. Anything durable appeals to Taurus; it's a sign content to see things grow slowly, and then last, if at all possible.

As they like to be productive, and I haven't met one yet who doesn't enjoy their food, a vegetable and fruit patch can provide an abundant supply of delicious, tasty, fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit. If space or time is in short supply, just a pot full of flavoursome 'Tumbler' tomatoes, and some pots of herbs can feed the Taurean spirit. A greenhouse will go down a treat.

Music is also food for the Taurean soul. Install a sound system, or invite musically talented friends to come and play.

A Taurus garden is a place of beauty, a place to grow wonderful plants, and a place to relax, and feel in touch with the earth, connecting to it through your feet, and sensing the link to the whole planet too. Whatever sign you are, being in a garden can help to ground you, so you can enjoy being in the present, and let all the worries and stresses drift away with the clouds, over the horizon.

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