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The Cancer Garden

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The Moon is linked with the cardinal, water sign Cancer, watching over it, and nurturing its growth. A Cancer garden would be as interesting at nighttime as it would be in the day. White plants generally, and plants that smell sweetly as darkness descends, such as night-scented stocks, evening primrose and nicotiana, would suit a lunar garden. Honesty (lunaria annua) encapsulates the shape and colour of the Moon; its papery delicate texture matching the sensitive, fragile nature of Cancer?s feelings.

Lighting could be natural, by the fluctuating light of the Moon (parties and social occasions timed around the Full Moon), or helped along by other lights, which could illuminate plants and other features, creating different atmospheres.

Quirky garden ornaments, especially antique, maritime, or ones with sentimental value will appeal. As Cancer is also linked with the womb, and places of safety generally, a sense of enclosure and a feeling of shelter would fill this need. It may be just a quiet corner, rather than the whole of the space.

Comfortable seating here is a must, whether it's a cosy, wraparound hammock, or an ample-sized seat with lots of cushions.

Cancer is an imaginative, sensitive sign, and likes to ebb and flow, like the sea, with the lunar phases.

The home is sacred to this water sign, and a summerhouse, or customized shed, would add another domestic hideaway, a place perhaps in which the imagination can soar, and creativity flourish. Many a writer has turned their dream into something tangible, that others can then enjoy, in a place like this.

Water is a soothing element for this sign; a pond with iris, flags and water lilies will lower stress levels, and provide a welcome habitat for aquatic creatures.

Wildlife generally is welcome (whatever your sun-sign), enabling the nurturing qualities of Cancer to be fostered. Birdhouses, and log-piles for insects add a sense of community and connection to the creatures of the planet.

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